State of Hawaii Certification

NELHA, State of Hawaii

NELHA (The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, Authority) began as "NELH" in 1974 when the Hawaii State Legislature created the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii on 322 acres of land at Keahole Point. NELH was mandated to provide a support facility for research on the ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) process and its related technologies. Today, NELHA is home to over 30 thriving enterprises utilizing the natural riches from deep seawater to better mankind. Three pipeline systems pump deep and surface seawater to shore 24/7 and the third, the world's largest and deepest (to a depth of 3,000 feet), supplies Kona Deep Corporation with the water to produce Kona Deep®.

Proudly displayed on every bottle of Kona Deep®.

Certifies Kona Deep®  as 100% Hawaii Deep Seawater bottled only at
the source at NELHA in Kona, Hawaii.

Assures that Kona Deep®  is processed and packaged to the very
highest standards.

Kona Deep® Bottled Water Report as required by California SB 220
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